Danika Daly PR is a creative agency based in New York City composed of researchers, trailblazers and innovators in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries.

We constantly seek and create opportunities for our clients. We launch effective digital campaigns, plan events that have people talking and #hashtagging away, and have a knack for generating strategic partnerships with brands and influencers.

We strive to keep our clients relevant in the ever-changing social and digital landscapes by embedding their brand into the conversations amongst their target audiences. As tradition never fades, we also garner coverage in top publications for our clients. Danika Daly PR provides an in-house experience – you would think we were right there in your office.

We work closely with emerging and established brands to create and cultivate a brand image that speaks to niche audiences through contemporary methods. Danika Daly PR prides itself on the uniquely individualized service we provide each client, as each one has a distinct fingerprint that calls for an inimitable strategy. We highlight details and paint a picture with communicative tools to unveil the abstract work of art your brand truly is.

Like our clients, our team of innovators and creators never settle for ordinary. We work to provide the best brand experience that can be measured through results.